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Experience the difference that 
New Forklifts from Larsa can bring

Aussie Forklifts brings the superior power of Larsa Forklifts to give you a seamless material handling experience! Manufactured to the highest standards and exclusive to the Australian market, Larsa is introducing a range of state of the art, affordable gas, diesel and electric forklifts

Planning to expand your forklift fleet or purchase a new forklift? Enjoy the convenience of high quality and cost-effective forklifts with Larsa Lift Trucks!

Backed by Larsa’s warranty and also the service guarantee by Aussie Forklifts, you can rest assured of a fantastic experience when buying new Larsa Forklift. Plus, the price of new forklifts is actually much lower than what you’d think!

Things to consider before buying a new forklift

  • Select a well-reputed company.
  • Decide whether you want a gas forklift or an electric forklift.
  • Explore forklift prices and the additional benefits that you receive from the supplier.
  • What warranty of offered by the seller

Why Larsa Forklifts?

We are a distinguished name in the material handling and forklift industry, celebrated for our commitment to providing high-quality products and services. Backed by Aussie Forklifts, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted supplier of forklifts, pallet trucks, and warehouse equipment.

We have a wide range of material handling solutions ranging from 1.8T to 10T. If you need Stackers and Reach trucks, we have them too! If you need customised equipment, just ask!

We strongly believe that a long-term relationship with the customers is the only way that could lead us to success.

Additional perks of a Larsa Forklift

  • New forklifts are backed with warranties and service guarantees.
  • New forklifts are worry-free and improve productivity
  • Our mobile service vans offer 24/7 service be it for servicing or repairs onsite.
  • New forklifts for sale are at surprisingly affordable prices. So, get your new forklift within your pocket-friendly budget.
  • Quality is what makes Larsa stand out in the competition, so the breakdown of the new forklifts is unlikely.

Buy a new forklift with the extra benefits from Larsa for seamless material handling operations!

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