Aussie Forklifts, with over 35 years of experience, is proud to introduce the Larsa Lift Trucks brand to the Australian market
Larsa Lift Trucks are manufactured by Hangcha Forklifts and is exclusive to the Australian Market

Our Products

Internal Combustion Gas Forklifts

Our Internal Combustion Forklift range comes in 1.8T – 5T variations, offered in both dual-fuel and diesel options.

Electric Forklifts

Our Electric Forklift range comes in 1.8T – 5T variations.

Bring The Power With Larsa Lift Trucks

Larsa Lift Trucks is the home to a range of state-of-the-art forklifts in Sydney, Australia. We offer high-quality forklifts at the most competitive prices. Larsa Lift Trucks has emerged as a trusted forklift supplier in Sydney and across Australia.

Gas Forklifts

Available in both dual-fuel and diesel options, we bring to you some of the best gas forklifts on offer. With 4500mm, 3 stage container masts, full-suspension seats with seatbelt & operator presence system, these forklifts are easy to drive and super comfortable. Built with advanced technology, our gas forklifts come with excellent fuel economy and lower emission rates. We provide you some of the most durable and sturdy new gas forklifts for different types of material handling. Flexible and environment friendly, gas forklifts can be the best choice for your indoor operations as well.

Electric Forklifts

 These affordable forklifts are not just cheaper than the competition but also the smart choice with rising fuel prices. Our best-in-class technology electric forklifts are battery-powered and suitable for a wide range of activities like loading and unloading of goods, horizontal transport, line feeding, order picking, and stacking. The best part about electric forklifts is, they are high-performance and yet noise-free. Larsa brings the best electric forklift in Sydney, with 1.8T – 5T variations. The forklifts are equipped with battery and chargers, side shifts, and led lights, ensuring utmost convenience and functionality.

Looking for something special? We take special orders as well. If you want to customise your new forklift as per your requirements, just place your details on our website. We have a quick response time and our lead time on delivery ranges between 10-12 weeks to deliver special orders.

So, whatever your need, your search for a new gas or electric forklift ends with Larsa Lift Trucks

We understand that every business is different, so we give our customers the opportunity to customise our units to their own requirements.

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