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Internal Combustion Diesel Forklifts

Our Internal Combustion Forklift range comes in 1.8T – 5T variations, offered in both dual-fuel and diesel options.

Our signature XF Series Diesel Forklifts are manufactured to the highest standards. Using the latest technologies, including diesel oxidation catalysts and diesel particulate filters, you can be sure your new Larsa will maximise both efficiency and reliability.

Our signature XF Series Diesel Forklifts offer the following standard inclusions:

  • Isuzu C420 Engines
  • Operator Presence System
  • Sideshift
  • 4500mm, 3 Stage container masts
  • Automatic Powershift quick response transmission
  • LED Lights
  • Full suspension seat with seatbelt
  • Warranty

Every Australian business has different needs, so at Larsa Lift Trucks you can customise your forklift to suit you. From mast heights to additional features, you are free to have the features that matter most to you on your Larsa.

All Larsa’s come with warranty, and our team at Aussie Forklifts will also take care of the regular preventive maintenance servicing, to ensure your new forklift is always running smoothly.

Our Diesel Forklifts are robust and reliable workhorses, serving a variety of industries. Their sheer power, durability and fuel consumption make them a preferred choice for businesses seeking versatile and cost-effective material handling solutions. These Diesel forklifts excel in diverse settings, easily handling heavy loads, boasting fast refuelling, and quite remarkable load capacities. Their economical upfront cost and substantial resale value offer financial advantages, while their steadfast reliability ensures uninterrupted productivity. As industries continue to evolve, our Diesel Forklifts remain the dependable force behind countless operations, meeting the demands of a dynamic market.

In addition to the above, our Diesel Forklifts all meet stringent emissions standards, and contribute to a sustainable and responsible approach to material handling, which aligns with evolving industry expectations. These forklifts are indeed the smart choice for busy companies with heavy-duty materials handling needs.

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    Why a Larsa Diesel Forklift?


    The enlarged capacity of optimized exhaust muffler, the intake muffler, and the noise shield technologies provide significantly lower noise levels.


    The new Dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system contributes to reduce loss of hydraulic and improve energy efficiency.


    By focusing on enhancing reliability, reducing downtime, the XF series increases productivity for customers.